How to Clean Moss off Tarmac Driveways

Cleaning Moss off Tarmac Driveways

For many years, tarmac has been a popular choice for driveways. Tarmac is an enticing choice because the installation cost is often affordable when compared to other materials. While it is aesthetically beautiful and provides an excellent surface for parking automobiles, it may also be a breeding ground for moss. You may be all too familiar with this situation if you own a private tarmac driveway in Dorset.

The rough texture of tarmac makes it an easy breeding ground for moss, which thrives on damp surfaces that hold water. Its uneven surface provides the perfect environment for moss to thrive in tarmac driveways, in that car tyres cannot destroy them as they remain in the gaps.

To clean moss off tarmac driveways in Dorset, it is important to know the right cleaning agents and cleaning tools to use, and the ones to avoid, to prevent damage on the surface. Also, you will want to use a cleaning method that gets rid of it and prevents a comeback in the future.

Treating your driveway with chemical solutions, using washing powder, or removing sunlight blockers can be ways of killing or preventing moss on tarmac driveways in Dorset. Getting rid of them is easy, keep reading, while we give you detailed steps on how to achieve this on tarmac driveways in Dorset. 

Step 1

Prepare the surface of your driveway by using a brush or gardening rake to remove any surface growth and loosen its formation to enable an easier cleaning process.

Step 2

While working in small sections with a hard-bristled brush, to enable you to reach the gaps. Pour some water on the tarmac surface and use either baking soda or sodium per-carbonate to scrub the surface. These options are best for your tarmac driveways in Dorset, as they are brilliant at breaking down moss without causing damage to the tarmac surface or environment.

Step 3

Allow the cleaning agent to stay on the surface for about 20 – 40 minutes before rinsing. Use a hose to thoroughly rinse out your tarmac driveway surface. Repeat the steps as required to ensure total removal.

To prevent a future comeback, you will have to consider the following:

  • Do a pH level test of the soil on which your driveway is made. If it is between 6 and 7, it means it is not ideal for the growth of moss, if not consider using agricultural lime to control its acidity. 
  • Consider allowing direct sunlight on your driveway, to enable heat to dry the dampness of the area, as most tarmac driveways in Dorset are often close to lawns. This is a sustainable way to completely get rid of moss, as they thrive on wet surfaces as earlier stated. Look to trim trees and bushes to stop the blockage of sunlight, making sure that your driveway is void of any shade.
  • Avoid flooding your driveway when cleaning. You would want to consider washing it only when the sun is out during the day. This will keep it from being damp and allow for it to get fully dried.

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