Tarmac vs Block Paving

Tarmac vs Block Paving

With time to ponder and think about certain cosmetics your home may need, you may be looking into getting a new driveway. This begs the question, which driveway is best for you? This article will provide some insight on the pros of each paving method to aid you in your choice.

Before continuing to the article, be sure to contact Dares Surfacing for any enquiries on surfacing services. We design, supply and install all of our services, from tarmac driveways to paving slabs. Our friendly team can provide you with a quote, based on your scenario, budget and cosmetic requirements. Our expert team will aid you in coming to a solution on the best paving method for you.

Block Paving

Block paving has become very popular over the last few years, and a stunning driveway can be created whilst getting value for money. Ideal for driveways, patios and pathways, this product can also be sealed to protect its surface. The downsides are that it is prone to moss and weeds growing up through it and requires maintenance.

Block Paving benefits:

  • Highly durable and attractive
  • Many different colours, styles and textures available
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Blocks can be used to provide a very smooth finish


Tarmac will provide the ideal surface for most driveways, if it is going to have heavy usage, this product is best suitable as it is required for most road surfaces. It will provide a flat surface with enough grip in most weather conditions. Consisting of tar and broken stone, it is naturally dark coloured, but you can have the option of having a coloured tarmac driveway.

Tarmac benefits:

  • Very hard-wearing and long-lasting
  • Fast curing
  • Ideal for driveways and paths
  • Can be mixed with block paving
  • Flat surface, ideal for wheelchairs and buggies
  • Can be cheaper than other surfaces

 The Verdict – Tarmac or Block Paving?

Ultimately there are three factors which usually determine whether a block paving or tarmacadam driveway is installed. The first is the look of the finished driveway and whether it will fit in with the house and the neighbours. The second is the time it will take to do the installation and the third is the cost. If speed and cost are the main issues for you then tarmacadam is nearly always the best way to go. If you are more interested in the overall look then block paving will give you more options in terms of colour and pattern. Contact us !