Block paving does not only looks amazing but when professionally laid, it is a strong, durable surface. It is an excellent choice for renovating parking areas, driveways and rear garden patios. It can be installed to create winding pathways and steps, along with edging for both front and rear gardens. Fitted by our experienced team, Dares Surfacing only offers the highest quality block paving. Our aim is to make your vision a reality.

Over the past few decades block paving has become increasingly popular. Developments in the production process of the blocks have brought the cost down to a reasonable level for domestic use.

There are very few limits to where block paving can be used and it is a great alternative to more common concrete or tarmacadam surfaces. With so many block styles and colours available; unique and custom designs are very much achievable.

Our blocks come in a wide range of colours and styles from traditional to contemporary all of which can be completed with a unique shape or pattern to create a stunning, bespoke driveway. We work closely with our customers to ensure we create your perfect driveway.

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  • At Dares Surfacing we have a wide variety of surfacing options with professional guidance on the best solution for you.
  • Our service is a popular option for unique driveways and paths; a professional and bespoke finish to your property.

Block Paving FAQs

Efflorescence is a technical term for a whitish bloom that appears sometimes on paving. It’s a reaction between the concrete in the paving and moisture (rain, surface water etc). Our paving is of the highest standard and we ensure that this type of natural occurrence will not cause harm.

Weathering, spraying with a hosepipe, and daily traffic can all help to eradicate efflorescence, but it can take weeks or even months to remove completely. Rest assured, utilising our paving will provide you with not only a high-quality finish but further advice on how to take care of your newly laid paving with block.

There are acid-based products on the market to help shift efflorescence, but we wouldn’t recommend them. They might react with the colour pigments in your block paving, and once applied and worn off, the efflorescence might come back, making it all a waste of money and time. Generally, our advice as experts in blocking paving is to get a stiff brush, and a bucket of water and quicken to process with regular surface cleaning.

An oil spill on your new block can be detrimental to the appearance and sometimes the functionality.

The first thing to do is act quickly and soak up as much of the spillage as you can. Use a towel, cat litter, talc or cornflour to absorb the excess and then get to it with ordinary detergent and a stiff brush. If it’s clean oil,  it will soak away over time. Dirty oil is more problematic for your block paving. Try degreasing agents or engine cleaning products but always test them somewhere inconspicuous before you splash on the stained area.

For further advice, feel free to contact our team.

After decades of use, it’s possible a section of your block might sink a bit, or a heavily used edge might show signs of cracking. 

One of the advantages of this paving is that these kinds of issues can be amended. A specific area of paving blocks can be lifted, the old sand bed replaced and then the original blocks, or new ones, relaid. Done by our professional block paving team, this process is simplified, prompt and highly professional to return your paving back to function and form.

It’s unlikely that the sub-base needs replacing unless there’s been a lot of sinkages (more than 20mm). If a single block is damaged, the same applies. Paving blocks should be snugly laid and can be tough to get out. Our team uses specific tools for extraction, ensuring that no further damage is caused to the block paving.

In short, most certainly. With our extensive amounts of experience within the industry, our professional block paving team have laid multiple forms of decorative gravel, paving with block and much more.

Based on your preferences, our team can show examples of previous work completed and extend your needs from there.

Why Choose Dares Surfacing for Block Paving Work?

At Dares Surfacing, we pride ourselves on our quality products and professional workmanship. We supply the very best products, from tarmacing, concrete surfacing, block paving & DT resin to Marshalls paving slabs, and our groundwork technicians are all highly-skilled, experienced tradesmen.

There are many benefits when it comes to using our services, but to highlight a few…

Block Paving Experts

Block Paving Experts

With so many block paving styles and colours available; unique and custom designs are very much achievable..

Quality Tarmac Surfacing

Quality Tarmac Surfacing

We have many years of experience laying tarmac surfaces and many happy clients in Devon & Somerset.

Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin Bound Surfacing

With Resin bound surfaces the finish is an anti slip, weed proof, porous surface with the performance of concrete or tarmac.