Working throughout Devon we provide high quality surfacing workmanship

For over 30 years, Dare Surfacing has been your local paving expert in Devon Driveways. With a dedicated team of approved paving specialists, we specialise in transforming outdoor spaces with high-quality paving solutions for both commercial and domestic needs. 

Our comprehensive paving installation service utilises an extensive range of materials, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s tarmac, block paving, concrete, or resin surfacing, our experienced professionals are committed to delivering superior results tailored to your vision. 

We focus on what you need and make sure your project gets done right and on time. We keep our prices fair and deliver quality work, keeping you informed every step of the way. We have many happy clients who we have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years throughout Devon. Contact us today to discover how we can enhance your property with our expert Devon driveway services.

Driveways Services in Devon

Tarmac driveway installed by Dares Surfacing aving specialists.

Tarmac Driveways

Our reliable tarmac services are perfect for quick and efficient transformations. With excellent durability, tarmac is ideal for driveways, playgrounds, and car parks. Trust our paving experts to deliver durable tarmac driveways that can withstand heavy weights without damage.


Concrete Paving

Need a new concrete surface or an upgrade? Our years of experience guarantee perfectly laid concrete surfaces that last for decades. Invest in a durable and long-lasting concrete driveway today.


Resin Surfacing

Explore the visually striking alternative of resin-bound surfacing for your driveways in Devon. Our high-quality materials provide almost limitless design options, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Block paving installation done by the paving experts at Dares Surfacing

Block Paving

Revamp your Devon driveway, parking area, or patio with our expert block paving installation. Our experienced team ensures a professional and bespoke finish, offering design options tailored to your preferences.

Devon Driveway Challenges

Devon experiences significant rainfall throughout the year, and traditional driveways can contribute to several issues:

Impermeable driveways in Devon prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground, leading to increased surface water runoff. This can overwhelm drainage systems and contribute to flooding.

Poor drainage can cause puddles to form on your Devon driveway, creating a slippery hazard and potentially damaging the surface over time.

Excess runoff can pollute waterways and disrupt natural ecosystems.

5 Driveway Ideas in Dorset
5 Driveway Ideas in Dorset

Sustainable Driveways Solutions for Devon Homeowners

We understand the importance of creating beautiful driveways that are also environmentally responsible.  Here’s how we can help:

We offer a variety of sustainable driveway options, such as permeable surfaces and recycled materials.  This reduces our reliance on virgin resources and minimises our environmental footprint.

Permeable driveways allow rainwater to drain naturally through the surface, replenishing groundwater supplies and reducing runoff.  This helps to alleviate flooding concerns and promotes a healthier environment.

We are familiar with and adhere to SUDS regulations, ensuring your driveway complies with local environmental standards.  SUDS promotes sustainable water management by encouraging natural drainage solutions.

Our Methodical Approach to Devon Driveway Construction

We take pride in our meticulous approach to crafting Devon driveways. Our step-by-step process ensures that each driveway is expertly designed, installed, and maintained to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Here’s how we bring your vision to life:

Initial Consultation: We begin by understanding your requirements and vision for your driveways in Devon. Our team listens attentively to your needs, preferences, and budget considerations to tailor our services accordingly.

Site Assessment: Our experts conduct a thorough site assessment to evaluate the terrain, soil conditions, drainage requirements, and any existing features that may impact the driveway installation. This helps us design a solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Material Selection: Based on the site assessment and your preferences, we recommend the most suitable materials for your Devon driveway. Whether it’s gravel, tarmac, block paving, or concrete, we ensure that the chosen material aligns with your needs and complements your property’s style.

Design Proposal: Once the materials are selected, we present you with a detailed design proposal outlining the layout, dimensions, patterns, and any custom features of your driveway. We work closely with you to make any necessary adjustments and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Preparation: Before the installation begins, we prepare the site by clearing the area of any debris, vegetation, or obstacles. We also ensure proper grading and compaction to create a stable foundation for the driveway.

Installation: Our experienced team of professionals executes the installation process with precision and care. Whether it’s laying tarmac, installing block paving, or pouring concrete, we adhere to industry best practices to deliver a flawless finish.

Quality Assurance: Throughout the installation process, we conduct regular inspections to maintain quality standards and address any issues promptly. Our goal is to ensure that your driveway meets or exceeds your expectations in terms of durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Finishing Touches: Once the installation is complete, we add the finishing touches to enhance the appearance and longevity of your driveway. This may include sealing, edging, or applying protective coatings as needed.

Client Approval: Before concluding the project, we invite you to inspect the finished driveway and provide feedback. We address any final adjustments or concerns to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ongoing Maintenance: Our commitment to you doesn’t end with installation. We provide guidance on proper driveway maintenance and offer ongoing support to keep your Devon driveway looking its best for years to come.

Why Choose Dare Surfacing for Your Devon Driveways?

We’ve been serving Devon for over 30 years, establishing ourselves as the go-to company for driveways. Here’s what sets us apart:


Over 3 decades of providing top-quality tarmac solutions in Devon, ensuring superior and long-lasting results.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Using top-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship in every project to exceed client expectations.

Transparency and Integrity

Keeping clients informed and involved at every step, offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees.


Providing a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind and long-term satisfaction.


Efficient project management ensures on-time completion of surfacing projects.

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